The Metropolitan Institute for Training in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy (MITPP) offers affordable contemporary certificate programs in Adult Psychoanalytic Psycho-therapy and in Child and Adolescent Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy to individuals licensed or certified in social work, psychology, psychiatry or psychiatric nursing, and to those working toward such credentials. Counselors and others who hold a Master’s degree can train to qualify as licensed psychoanalysts under NY State licensure laws. In this specialized training you will develop expertise through hands-on experience in a professional setting doing work that is richly rewarding.

With additional clinical work, training at MITPP enables social workers to qualify for the LCSW: MITPP’s Earn and Learn - LCSW Track Program offers candidates the opportunity to obtain the LCSW either part time (10 clinical hours weekly over 6 years) or full time (14 clinical hours weekly or more over 3 years.) Full time candidates in this track have the opportunity to be paid for their clinical work.

The application deadline for the Spring 2018 semester is January 8, 2018.



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MITPP provides a collegial atmosphere conducive to learning through its small classes, an environment in which candidates’ concerns are taken seriously by faculty, supervisors and administration, and exposure to a broad range of psychoanalytic thought and contemporary controversies in psychoanalysis. Our highly qualified faculty and supervisory staff are selected for their level of skill and training, and for their sensitivity to the needs of the beginning therapist. The orientation of our faculty and supervisors spans the range of psychoanalytic thinking, exposing candidates to the various perspectives that predominate in the field.

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